Cottage Farmhouse Entry Makeover

The entry way is the space that casts the first impression and sets the tone for the rest of your home, so it must be stylish and functional.

It’s a great small and simple space to start making over your home in cottage farmhouse style. With just a few key pieces you can create a really beautiful aesthetic.

Above all the entry must be welcoming and offer great storage solutions, as it tends to become a dumping ground for bags, shoes and other loose ends.

Moving into a new house gave me the chance to reinvent our entry way by adding a few new pieces and hunting down some fabulous thrifty finds.

When it comes to styling, I have learnt to favour substance, so for me the space must always be functional first. In the entry way space this means:

  • Open top baskets for shoes
  • Hanging space for bags and hats
  • Somewhere for keys that is out of reach
  • Low maintenance
  • Open bench space to place bags on arrival

Since we are renting this house I had to stick to the basics. I couldn’t make any new fixings or paint the walls. I just had to work with things the way they were, which goes to show how you really can bring cottage farmhouse style to any home, town or country, owned or renting.

What you won’t see in my entry way is a lamp or collection of books which seem to be very popular styling elements for entry ways. As I said early I tend to favour substance over style and while those things are so pretty, my entry way is more simplistic and utilitarian.

Here’s how I achieved all this with a minimal budget and cottage farmhouse style.

Pineapple welcome mat from Pillowtalk. Apart from being practical, pineapples are a symbol of hospitality.

Dried Botanical arrangement from Shannon Hawkes Artisan Florals. I choose to include some grasses and grains to give a country vibe. I love how dried florals are low maintenance and plastic free. This large arrangements give a focal point to the space, and connects the mirror to the table.

Reclaimed Timber Console Table. I love the way this rustic timber contrasts agains the white tones in this space.

Woven sea grass baskets from Big W. The great thing about these baskets is they aren’t too deep and have an open top so you don’t forget what’s stored in there. This is a great way to hide school bags and shoes.

Refurbished hat stand found on Facebook market place. This lovely piece provides a hanging area since I can’t fix a hanging rack to the wall.

Timber mirror. A mirror to check your hair on the way out and to create a sense of open space is always a great choice for the entry way.

Key rack from Eureka Street. My two year old son managed to use my keys to open the garage and escape onto the front lawn the other day, so I needed to get the keys out of reach. This sweet little rack was just the ticket.

With just a few low maintenance and thrifty pieces we have created a calming and inviting entry way which we love. The storage really works for us and we somehow manage to keep the area pretty tidy and clutter free.

If you’re looking to update your entry way we hope we’ve inspired you to try one of these ideas. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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