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Upcycled play idea: Create your own mini sea

When you have kids there are so many great ways to turn waste into an imaginative play opportunity. Here’s a sweet little idea for your and your minis. Why not hit the beach (or local craft store and sandpit) and turn an old container into a mini sea world that is sure to delight! And […]

5 Eco-friendly Household Products Worth the Switch

There are more ‘green’ products on offer than ever before and while we’re lucky to have the option of avoiding nasties like harsh chemicals and single use plastics, sometimes the risk of trying something new along with some pretty hefty price tags can make us think twice before making the switch. As busy mums we […]

Three books to help you slow down

It has been said the true value of a book doesn’t lie in the information presented, but in the author’s story and way of telling it. I have certainly found this to be true. As a child I wasn’t too interested in reading however as an adult I find a good book to be really […]

Garden therapy

Natures antidote to busyness A busy modern life that glorifies instant results and perfection can leave us feeling really down. But did you know there’s a natural antidote that gives back in spades? See what I did there? Yep, it’s gardening! I have very fond memories, from when I was a young girl, of visiting […]

Slow exercise: it’s a thing

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing As a new mum it can be hard to find the energy and motivation to exercise. There’s constant interruptions and jiggly bits that weren’t there before. We all know we need to move our bodies to stay well but with limited spare time and post-baby bodies, the […]

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Hi, I’m Emily. I started the Pineapple Farmhouse blog to share our family’s love of slow and sustainable living, wholesome home cooking, a natural handmade home and farmhouse style.

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