Real Food Recipes

Maple Cinnamon Puffs

These easy-to-bake maple cinnamon puffs are a great little sweet lunchbox snack and refined-sugar free breakfast option for your little ones. Made with whole grains and pure maple syrup these crispy little morsels are big on flavour and but low in nasties. Maple syrup is still naturally high in sucrose, so these a definitely a […]

Lamb cutlets with minted yogurt sauce

Possibly the most tasty lamb recipe ever This recipe is really simple yet delivers so much flavour. It’s literally like a party in your mouth. The combination of lemon, olive oil and oregano is a classic one, inspired by our trip to Greece and all the wonderful flavours we experienced there. Choice cut lamb Lamb […]

Wholesome Banana Bread

Combat food waste one loaf at a time This recipe never gets old. Not only is it great for using up overripe bananas and lowering food waste, but you can make it super wholesome by using wholemeal flours and unrefined sugar. First prize winner This versatile, adaptable recipe has won me me first prize at […]

Homemade Museli

Tasty breakfast staple This homemade breakfast staple is simply devine served with yogurt and fresh fruit. Tasty and versatile you can even be serve it with stewed apple, rhubarb and ice cream as a wholesome crumble substitute. Smells so good! The whole house fills with the aroma of this muesli while baking and smells amazing! […]

Maple Syrup No-bake Cheesecake

A no-bake favourite When I was travelling and living in my caravan I started to miss home baked desserts a lot! So I experimented with some no-bake options and this delicious refined-sugar free cheesecake was born. Like the store ones, but healthier! My husband (the world’s biggest sweet tooth) absolutely adores it and we think […]

Spiced Cranberry Choc Chip Cookies

A delicious wholesome treat These cookies are quick and simple to make, delicious and contain vitamin C-packed cranberries making them a tasty and wholesome treat. I am lucky to be able to buy dried cranberries from my local whole foods store so they are zero-waste, organic and wonderfully juicy. Only 9 simple ingredients This 9-ingredient […]

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